Thursday 26th July 2018 - Emergency Lock Down Drill

As a great start to the term, an Emergency Lock Down Drill was held just before break time and all classes followed the lock down instructions.

Any parents who are on site when either of these alarms is sounded, should follow the students and

  • evacuate to the oval if the WAIL is sounded.

  • should they hear an airhorn HONK, they should take appropriate action to take cover as quickly as possible (preferably to the room next to the office).

Sunday 22nd July 2018- Department of Education recognising its long serving employees

More than 450 people gathered beneath the stained glass ceiling of the Great Hall at the National Gallery of Victoria on Sunday 22 July this year to recognise some of the Department’s longest-serving employees.

Over 200 teachers, principals, school support officers and corporate staff were recognised at the NGV for 40, 45, 50 and 55 years of service to education in Victoria.

VSL_McKinnon was well-represented with 40 Year Awards for Karen Romari and Diana Hatch.

Thursday 19th April 2018 - Emergency Evacuation Drill

As a good start to the term, we held an Emergency Evacuation Drill just before break time and all classes evacuated to the oval. The students were very cooperative and listened carefully while the two different alarm sounds were demonstrated:

  • The WAIL sound from the megaphone is used to signal EVACUATION and

  • the HONK from the air horn will be used if students are to follow the LOCK DOWN procedure and stay in their classroom.

Any parents who are on site when either of these alarms is sounded, should follow the students and

  • evacuate to the oval if the WAIL is sounded.

  • Should they hear an airhorn HONK, they should take appropriate action to take cover as quickly as possible (preferably to the room next to the office).


Korean 2 class create colourful masks - 2017 August

Korean 1 class created South Korean flags - 2017 August

Evacuation Drill - 2016 27th October

On hearing the continuous ringing of our class bell, all classes were able to practice evacuating the classrooms and heading in an organised way to the oval. On the oval, classes lined up with their teacher so that we could account for all students present on the night.

Jenny wins Prestigious Award

Congratulations to Jenny Kim for being awarded a prize from Korea for her progress in her language studies here at the McKinnon Centre of the VSL. The glamorous certificate is accompanied by a monetary prize to assist with Jenny's future studies in Korean.

Hebrew Students Scoop the Pool at the Melbourne University Essay Competition!

Essay Competiton winners Omer, Roy and Dana, with their teachers, Sharon and Yehuda.

We are proud to inform you that three of our students at VSL Hebrew have taken out all of the prizes for Hebrew essay writing at the annual Melbourne University Ziva Shavitsky Foundation Hebrew essay competition. This is the premier essay writing competition with all schools taking part. This is the first year VSL has sent in entries and our achievement is a testament to the quality of our learning program and to the skills of our students.

Dana Izofatov won the prize for her year level, year 9, with her essay on her favourite film genre - crime movies.

Roy Bar Giora took out the prize for his year level, year 10, with his essay on his home town of Zichron Yaacov, a famous Israeli landmark and wine making district for well over one hundred years.

Omer Samuni’s philosophical take on his perception of being successful is a very interesting read, with Omer tackling the topic many adults confront on a daily basis, with a mature approach, delving into quite personal nooks and crannies.

The winners will receive a significant monetary prize awarded next month at the community centre with University and school officials, dignitaries and the community media. This should certainly raise our profile as an elite language teaching centre.

This Thursday all Hebrew classes were assembled to congratulate the winners in front of their peers. Area Manager, Venetia Kefalianos, and McKinnon Centre Supervisor, Diana Hatch, were also there to add their congratulations to those who entered the competition.

14th May 2015 - Emergency Drills

McKinnon was startled by the sound of our ultra-loud siren on the megaphone as we ran a Lock Down drill on Thursday night. Under the direction of teachers, students were asked to get down on the floor and under the tables - away from the windows and doors. Even some parents who were on site at the time were asked to join in and 'stay safe'. The Lock Down is used where there is a danger outside the classrooms.

Luckily the rain eased long enough for us to then practice our Lock Out drill. The continuous ringing of the class bell was a signal to teachers to have their classes leave their room and travel by the quickest route (as indicated on their evacuation plans) to the oval where attendance was checked.

The running of these drills allows us to identify where there are issues that we need to try to solve so that in the event of a real emergency we can try to keep all students as safe as possible.

Parents, please note: One of the concerns we have is when students are arriving late to class. If, when you arrive, you hear a loud siren, then that is a signal to take cover - either go the nearest classroom (and immediately report to the teacher) or return to the car and clear the area. If, when you arrive, you hear the continuous ringing of the class bell, then that is a signal to turn around and clear the area.

If you have any concerns or suggestions for how we deal with emergency situations, please email our office

vsl@ (without the space). We welcome your feedback.

7th May 2015 - The K2 Korean Class prepare for Mothers' Day