Emergency Procedures

There are two types of Emergency Drills:

LOCK DOWN—Students REMAIN in class. Last practiced - 2018 26th July

Signal: Repeated Air Horn blast (honk) and/or announcement of LOCK DOWN

Possible examples of situations requiring students to remain in class: Siege, hostage, abduction from classroom, sexual attack in toilet area, serious storm—lightning, winds, rain etc, sniper/shooting into building area.

At the alarm, class teachers must:

· Instruct students to sit on the floor of the classroom, close the door of the room and turn the lights off

· Instruct students to remain seated until further notice and stay away from the windows

· Try to keep students calm and await an announcement or verbal instructions via messenger/admin staff/police.

· If the alert happens at break time the students will be told to go immediately to the nearest VSL classroom.

· Any student out of the classroom (eg toilet) should stay in the toilet with door locked or go to nearest classroom.

All other staff or students who are out of class around the school will be instructed to go to the nearest classroom and remain inside.

Administration staff will call 000.

LOCK OUT—Students are required to EVACUATE to the Oval. Last practiced - 2018 19th April

Signal: The megaphone siren (whoop-whoop) will ring extensively

and/or announcement of LOCK OUT

Possible examples of situations requiring evacuation: Fire, bomb threat, gas leak, building collapse.

At the alarm, class teachers must:

· Instruct students to stop working and leave books and other items where they are.

· Evacuate students in a quiet, orderly manner to the Oval by the safest, direct route as indicated by the evacuation route map.

· Take your roll if you have it and bring your class folder.

· Ensure that all students are out of the room. Teachers should be the last to leave the room and close the door.

· Report to the admin staff on the Oval and collect roll if necessary to check all students accounted for.

· Ensure that students remain in the designated area.

· If a student had left your class for the toilets please notify the office staff as soon as you can but do NOT leave your class.

Administration staff will:

· Call 000 and check the toilets—Diana

· Collect rolls and First Aid Kit and report to the Oval via central gate (unlock if necessary) to meet with classes.—Karen

· Take computer to the Oval via R-block gate (unlock if necessary) for access to SIP for contact details if necessary.—Ivan