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Classes (number and level breakdown) are TOTALLY dependent on paid enrolments so these may yet change if numbers warrant it.

Classes and Rooms for 2019

Hebrew 2019

Russian 2019

Korean 2019

Class H1 - VCE Units 3&4
Room  G04
with Yehuda Kaplan

Class H2 - VCE 1&2 and VELS 9-10
Room G03 
with Olga Mantine

Class H3 - VELS 5-8
Room G02
with  Ravit Flenner

Class H4 - VELS Foundation-4
Room G01
with Elena Kogan

Class R1 - VCE 3&4, 1&2
Room D03 
with Irina Vasilenko

Class R2 - VELS  7-10
Room D02
with Raissa Nemirovskaia

Class R3 - VELS 4-6
Room D01
with Elena Dickenson

Class R4 - VELS 2-3
Room E02
with Elena Muchkaeva

Class R5 - VELS Foundation to 1
Room F02
with Maria Maina

Class RAP - Russian Alternative Pathway
(junior Russian for older students)
Room E01 
with Sabina Mamedrzayeva
Class K1 - VELS 3-10
Room R01 
with Moonhee Caire

Class K2 - VELS Foundation to 2
Room R02
with Joy Winstone