VSL_McKinnon during Lockdown 

10th June    - ONLINE classes for all levels

17th June - all classes back onsite at this stage.

15 Apr - VCE exam dates entered

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 Our Korean 1  class with their flags

Enrolments for 2021 STILL OPEN at

Please note that a student will not be allocated to a class
until the invoice sent has been paid.  
We have many students in our allocation pool still awaiting payment.

Our Korean 2 class have been creating masks
Check out our Events page 
Check out our Events page 

 The School

Classes in Hebrew, Russian and Korean are run by the Victorian School of Languages at McKinnon SC after hours. Students come to McKinnon from many different schools for these classes. McKinnon is the only Department of Education location where students can study Hebrew to VCE level.

We cater for beginners up to VCE units 3 & 4  in Hebrew and Russian and up to Year 10 for Korean.
We have students from Foundation (Prep) to year 12.

 Venue & Times

Classes operate in portable classrooms found near the far end of the staff car park at McKinnon Secondary College
Please note, however, that non-staff cars may NOT enter the car park until after 5pm.
This means that you need to drop children off outside the school at the start of the evening. It is acceptable to drive into the car park to collect your child.

ALL evening classes run from 4.30 pm to 7.30pm.
There is a 20 minute break from 6.00 pm to 6.20 pm, but there are no shop or canteen facilities so students may want to bring a small snack and a drink.  Water taps and toilet facilities are available.

How to get to the VSL classrooms

2021 - Where are the VSL_McKinnon Classes?  Still valid for 2021

2019 Areas for Break Time (ie Where is Out of Bounds?)  Still valid for 2021


Students should bring pen/pencil and paper for notes and come to class with either an English-Hebrew dictionary, an English-Russian dictionary or an English-Korean dictionary as appropriate for their class.

Students are expected to purchase a text or similar resource if advised for their class.

The textbooks are available from our VSL_McKinnon Office, but first the student must collect an individually coded Booklist Form and have returned it with details of the payment having been made. On receipt of the completed booklist with payment confirmation, the office will supply the texts concerned.



Years Prep (Foundation) to 10 - $80 for 30 classes (2021)    

VCE classes - $95 for 30 classes (2021)

NB:  These prices are for school students who are unable to access these languages at their Day School and will be higher for those who can, as well as for International students studying at non-Government schools and adult enrolments.  


Most of our students are native speakers of their language, so it is common for students to work at a VSL level one step above their Day School level.  That is, if in year 7 at school you may be in a year 8 language level class, or in year 10 at day school, you may study VCE units 1&2 at VSL_McKinnon.

IF there is room in the VCE class concerned it MAY be possible for a talented student to study 2 years ahead of their day school level. In this instance, interested students should let the office staff know of their interest and we will assess the possibility. If there is enough room in the desired class, an entrance assessment will be given and top-scorers on this assessment may be enhanced. The student's day school will need to give their approval for this enhancement.

We cater for all levels from Prep (Foundation) up to VCE 3&4 in Hebrew and Russian and from Prep (Foundation) to year 10 in Korean 2nd Language, so students whose level is lower than their day school level can still be offered a place in an appropriate class, studying at a suitable level for them. There is really no limit - we have had VCE day students in the beginner classes learning the language from the beginning. When we first offered Korean we had a group of year 8 students in with a class of very young Korean native speakers and it proved a positive experience for all.  

View the McKinnon Centre Handbook - last updated 6th Feb 2020